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5 Best Methods for Roof Washing

February 03, 2023

The list goes on and on when it comes to household chores. You frequently clean your floors, dishes, bathrooms, and shared spaces, but did you know your roof needs cleaning too? 

It may be tempting to ignore, but staying on top of your roof washing will benefit you and save you money in the long run. Plus, it’s just another part of being a homeowner. 

Why Should I Wash My Roof?

There are legitimate reasons to wash your roof, the first being curb appeal. Regardless of how clean and well-kept the rest of your home is, a dirty roof can ruin the entire appearance of your home.

Another reason is that leaving your roof dirty can damage or ruin your rooftop. Because of exposure to the elements, your roof will inevitably collect dirt and debris over time. Rain is nature’s natural roof cleaner and can often remove enough dirt for appearance purposes for a little while. However, sometimes more attention is needed.

Green spots, stains, and discoloration can appear on your roof due to moss, algae, fungus, or lichen. These growing organisms require a little more attention than a surface layer of dust. Allowing nature’s elements to grow freely can lead to roof damage, rotting, and deterioration. If left too long, they can affect the integrity of your roof.

A buildup of leaves, twigs, and tree branches can cause damage to the roof and interfere with drainage. Here in Arizona, this is especially true during the monsoon season.

Roof washing can reduce, if not eliminate, damage while extending the lifespan of your roof. Another benefit is that even a quick cleaning allows inspection to take place. If discovered early, it’s easier to remedy roof damage, missing shingles, or cracks that would otherwise go unnoticed. 

Roof washing can remove buildups of dirt & debris, moss, algae, fungus, leaves, twigs, and tree branches.

Roof Washing Options

There are multiple methods to wash your roof. The best option will depend on the roof’s material, size, type of buildup, and price per square foot.

High-Pressure Wash

High-pressure washing of a roof requires a standard pressure washer and a water source—as the high pressure of the water blasts away dirt and debris from the rooftop. 

Contact your local roofing expert before utilizing a pressure washer on your roof, as some shingles and tiles are less impervious to pressure washing than others. Because of the force, limit this method to certain roof types due to the damage it has the potential to cause. 

Low-Pressure Wash

Low-pressure washing is less intense than high-pressure washing. It is gentle enough to be used on all roof types and powerful enough to remove unwanted gunk. This method washes with water and mild chemicals.

Chemical Wash

Chemical washes are safe on any roof type. Due to this method’s lack of pressure, you don’t have to worry about it damaging or removing pieces of the roof.

Chemical washing is excellent for roofs with living organisms (moss, algae, fungus, etc.) because it stops growth. This washing method is mild, so while it will remove living organic material, it is unlikely to remove baked-on dirt, leaves, sticks, or large debris. 

Soft Wash

The soft wash method for cleaning rooftops combines pressure and chemicals. It has the gentlest stream of water of all the techniques and a specialized mixture of chemicals to remove dirt and debris. Similar to chemical washes, soft washes will kill organic growth. 

Factors that determine which washing option is best for you: roof material, roof size, and type of buildup.

How Often Should I Wash My Roof?

It is a good idea to inspect your roof from time to time to see if any issues need to be addressed by a professional. We recommend you do your roof washing annually to keep your home looking nice and catch any problems or repairs early on.

When it comes to roof cleaning itself, it is crucial to enlist the help of a professional. They will know the best method for your roof while avoiding injury. Plus, experienced professionals know exactly what areas to inspect for potential buildup and damage.

For Cleaning, Inspections, Maintenance, and More

Being a homeowner comes with various standard upkeep and maintenance tasks, and roof washing is just one on the list. For the safety of your roof and yourself, reach out to a professional when you think it may be time for a cleaning. 

Legacy Repair has a team of knowledgeable and experienced individuals specializing in roof repair and maintenance. We offer cleaning, inspections, replacement, and more. Call us at 623-303-0537 to see how we can best accommodate your roofing needs.


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