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Cleaning Roofs in the Greater Phoenix Area

Roofing cleaning is a standard part of care and maintenance. Most cleaning in Arizona is a simple process: removing debris and excess dirt from the roof that might interfere with proper drainage. Tile roofs in particular are at risk of blockages and damming that can be caused by anything from dust storms to palm trees shedding smaller branches. Debris builds up overtime which can cause bigger problems when bigger weather systems blow through and rain comes down hard - especially during the monsoon season.

Leave Roof Cleaning to the Professionals

Roofs are inherently one of the most dangerous things to maintain for a homeowner, as they require the use of a ladder. With over 164,000 ladder-related emergency room visits per year, it is less than ideal to try and clean your roof on your own. Additionally, roofing professionals will know where to look for potential areas of buildup and be able to fully inspect trouble spots.

Choosing Roof Cleaning Companies

It’s important to use a state-registered contractor for any cleanings and inspections. Companies should have a current license and have a respectable reputation in the community. Beware of storm-chasers and individuals who do not have credentials of some sort. Scams are persistent, and many people tend to operate on handshake agreements that leave them open to being defrauded. Ensure you are getting your roof cleaned by a licensed contractor like Legacy Repair.

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