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Does your Home Need Roof Ventilation?

Houses are a lot like people. They need to breathe. Good ventilation will benefit your home in all seasons. You may be wondering why you…

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Your Guide to Rooftop Solar Panel Installation

Your mood and immune system will likely shine when the sun’s shining. Sunshine is proven to have numerous benefits when it comes to our…

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Investing in the Best Roof Underlayment

Although not seen, roof underlayment is crucial to your roofing system. It can protect against water damage, mold, mildew, and even falling…

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Repair, Patch, or Replace?

Repair, Patch, Or Replace? It usually saves you money to repair something rather than replace it. This sentiment becomes more accurate when…

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Why You Need a Roof Inspection

Out of sight, out of mind. Now, of course a roof can be in sight, but it is above eye level, and very rarely the focal point of a building…

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The Best Roof Coating for Your Home

Roof coatings are additional layers added to protect and prolong the roof’s service life by adding a sealant shield. Unlike paint, the resin…

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5 Best Methods for Roof Washing

The list goes on and on when it comes to household chores. You frequently clean your floors, dishes, bathrooms, and shared spaces, but did…

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Reasons to avoid DIY Roof Repair

You’re a homeowner. There’s plenty of repairs you can (and probably have) done yourself—fix the door hinges, install a new vanity, paint the…

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Repairing Roof Storm Damage

Considering your roof is your primary defense against weather damage, it’s important to know how to handle roof damages. Your building's…

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