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Commercial roof repair

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Commercial Roof Repair Services in the Greater Phoenix Area

In central Arizona, repairs and periodic coatings can add years to any roof’s serviceable life. Whatever type of roof your building has, help it last as long as possible by getting regular care, inspections and maintenance from an AZ-certified roofing company.

Legacy Repair technicians are experienced roof repair specialists. We will inspect and repair any site in an efficient, transparent manner, ensuring that your building is well-maintained and that you are aware of your roof’s health and lifespan.

Some Popular Flat Roof Materials

Most commercial roofs in Arizona are flat or low-slope roofs. These are typical treatments and repair services we offer for those roof types; however, we are prepared to care for any type of roof your building may have.

Modified Bitumen

This is an asphalt roof membrane that can make a roof more water and fire-resistant. It can also increase your building’s energy efficiency. This is a heat-applied material that can be sealed with elastomeric coatings or asphalt cement.

Hot Mop

A hot-mop (or hot) roof is installed - and repaired - by spreading hot asphalt onto a roof’s base layer with a mop. This layer is usually applied under a rolled roofing membrane to strengthen the roof overall. Hot mop is a long-lasting roof type, but like all others, it needs occasional inspection and repairs.

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO)

TPO is a single-ply roof system that can be fastened in a number of different ways: ballasted, fully adhered, or attached with screws. This roof type has excellent heat and UV resistance, which is why it is so popular for commercial buildings in Arizona.

However, it does need maintenance and check-ups to ensure that it is not aging or degrading too quickly.


This roof type is made of a nailable asphalt-based ply attached to a self-adhering membrane, mid ply, and cap sheet. Easy to put in place, self-adhering roofs are popular for their simplicity and environmentally-friendly installation process. However, as with all roofs, they can degrade with time and extreme weather. Their T-laps need to be inspected and occasionally re-sealed to protect the underlayment from serious damage. The material is also susceptible to “creep,” or slow movement over time.


Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) roofs are a single-ply plastic membrane that is generally heat-welded into place. This material is fairly fire-resistant and a good choice for flat roofs, where water can pool during summer storms. However, if the roof was not sealed properly or if improper drainage leads to extended ponding, PVC may need to be patched or re-sealed.

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