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Shingle Roofs

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Shingle Roof Repair for the Greater Phoenix Area

Legacy is a complete repair and care roofing company for shingle roofs of all material types. The vast majority of residential roofs are asphalt shingles. As a GAF Certified Master Installer, you can have the peace of mind that Legacy will repair your roof correctly.

Repairs and Maintenance for Shingle Roofs

There are several types of covering or ceiling deficiencies you can identify without having to get on your roof.

What to consider for your shingle roof:

  1. Identify areas of concern on your shingle roof: valleys, penetrations (vents), AC Units, and any equipment fastened to the roof can all be areas of concern.
  2. Does your roof have any foliage or tree overgrowth that could cause water blockage?
  3. Are shingles blown up or off from heavy winds?
  4. Are there pockmarks from hail damage, or signs of excessive wear from weather?

Shingle roofs typically need less care and maintenance compared to other roof materials. Shingle material is typically hardy, and - if installed properly - is highly resistant to damage. However, this does not mean that areas around penetrations, roof-mounted equipment like solar panels or AC units, and vents shouldn’t be inspected periodically and maintained. In the Arizona sun, those areas can dry out, crack and become a potential point for water leaks.

Regular inspections (every few years) can help prevent future leaks, but if an area does leak, it should be addressed immediately. As water finds a route of access, it is likely that the area will become worse with time. It is important to address the leak as soon as possible to prevent further damage to the roof or the interior of the home, and ensure things like black mold don’t further exacerbate the leak.

Shingle Roof Materials

Shingle roofing products can actually come in several different material formats: wood (sometimes called shakes), slate, asphalt shingles (the most common), and even some types of metal or plastic. These types of materials are all used to cover pitched roofs and wick water to ensure a dry and comfortable living environment.

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