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residential roof repair

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Residential Roof Repair Services

No matter how well your roof is constructed, it will need repairs from time to time. Every roof type has its own specific strengths, weaknesses, and needs: some are more prone to flaking and rotting, while others are vulnerable to sun damage or cracks. Whatever type of roof you have, our repair specialists know how to find its vulnerabilities and quickly fix any issues.

The good news about roof repairs is that they are much less expensive than a replacement. Proper roof service and maintenance can extend your roof’s lifespan by years.

Types of Residential Damage

When you notice a leak in your home, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need a new roof. However, it does signal that you need to get it fixed as soon as possible. Left unaddressed, even a tiny leak can cause serious structural damage to not only your roof, but the entire house.

If you discover a leak or think your roof may be damaged, call us right away. In one service call, we will find the problem, repair it if possible, and help you understand what your roof needs to go the distance.

Roof Leaks

Loose or cracked roofing materials or even the smallest of punctures can lead to roof leaks. These can leave unsightly water spots on your ceilings, contribute to the growth of mold in your attic, and compromise the integrity of your roof over time. If you have a roof leak, you must get it taken care of right away.

Wind Damage

Besides water damage, wind can also pose a threat to your roofing system. Prolonged exposure to heavy winds can cause the granules above the shingle to wear out--not to mention how heavy gusts can loosen and blow away shingles. They may even blow debris such as tree limbs onto your roof, causing damage.

Damage Caused By Debris

Intense winds alone can do some significant roof damage, but the blowing debris it creates can also lead to missing or cracked shingles. Damage from heavy or high-velocity debris can cause damage that leads to roof leaks or even reduce portions of your roofing materials to piles of scrap. Our experts can help assess roof damage to make sure small leaks and cracks don’t become bigger problems.

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