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Patio Roofs

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Patio Roofs in Phoenix, Arizona

Patio roofs, whether stand-alone or for shed-style roofing over patios, are extremely common in Arizona. With a variety of outdoor covered areas, many of these roofs are in high exposure areas to sun, wind and various intense weather conditions. While maintenance such as roof coating can help extend the life of these roofs, repairs can address small issues before they grow into large-scale issues that require complete replacement.

Patio Roof Repairs and Maintenance

Patio roofs can be built using several materials, all of which will require some level of maintenance. Any self-adhered or heat-applied materials will need to be coated and assessed for damage every 3-5 years or so (manufacturers have their own unique recommendations).

Some roofs are made out of metal or plastic products. Metal requires much less maintenance, but can tend to have problems further down the road if not periodically inspected. This kind of damage can include screws and panels flying loose in high winds. Plastic-based materials have the potential to dry out and become cracked, which could cause a cave-in or break that allows weather through.

With patio roofs, it is important to remember that the best time to inspect for damage or issues is after weather conditions change and/or severe weather has blown through. Checking periodically can ensure that there are no risks of further damage to the house or covering and keep your family safe. Call a professional to do the inspection and let Legacy help keep your patio roof in great condition.

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