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Roof Coating Services in Phoenix, Arizona

For many flat roofs, coating can significantly delay the need for replacement. It can help waterproof flat roofs, seal down areas that are deteriorating, and help your roofing materials better resist UV radiation. There are several different types of roof coating: silicone, acrylic, polyurethane, and more. They all serve different purposes, and which one your roof needs usually depends on the level and type of damage it already has.

If your roof needs a lifetime extension, or if you want to prevent future damage, Legacy Repair’s specialists will help you keep your roof strong, well-sealed, and ready for unpredictable Arizona weather.

Why Use a Professional Roof Repair Service for Coating?

People often try to save money by re-coating their roofs themselves, especially when it comes to flat roofs. Not only is this much more dangerous than it may seem, it’s also risky for your roof. An unprofessionally-coated roof can fail to protect your underlayment by missing invisible damage. Even worse, if the wrong coating is used, it can do much more damage than good - leading to tears and other problems that require a full roof replacement.

By choosing a certified repair company with long-term experience in Arizona, you can become more informed about what your roof needs while staying safe and resting assured that it is truly protected.

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