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Roof Inspections in the Greater Phoenix Area

Legacy Repair provides inspections for roofs throughout the year. For a reasonable flat fee, we’ll send out a trained technician to perform a point-by-point review of your roof and ensure there are no potential issues and hazards. This inspection should help you prepare for any serious weather and get an idea of your roof life. An inspection costs less than 1% of the total of a new roof.

Here Are Some Things We Look For:

  1. Age of the roof
  2. Points of blockage or damming
  3. Penetrations and wear of sealants
  4. Damage from hail, rain and wind
  5. Exposure of fasteners or other components
  6. Issues with brackets, braces and other mounting equipment for solar and AC units

These are just a few of the items you need to consider when having a roof inspection performed. Inspection steps and timing would vary depending on roof type and size. Many homes in Phoenix have multiple roof types, so the process could be longer.

Call Legacy today to get your roof inspected and save money in the long run!

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    Once the job is complete, we’ll send details and a follow up for payment!

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