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The Best Roof Coating for Your Home

February 08, 2023

Roof coatings are additional layers added to protect and prolong the roof’s service life by adding a sealant shield. Unlike paint, the resin in roof coatings forms an elastomeric film capable of expanding and retracting with the weather and roof materials. 

Coating provides a durable film that adheres to roof material, waterproofing it. It can cover the entire roof or perform simple repairs, helping bridge small gaps, cracks, and seams within the membrane. 

Why Roof Coatings are Good for Your Home

Adding a roof coating has several advantages for you and your home. These benefits include:

Lifespan Extension

A coating helps extend your roof’s lifespan by adding an extra layer of protection against harsh outside elements. This additional line of defense will reduce or prolong the need to fix roof damage. If necessary, you can sometimes re-coat the roof rather than having it repaired or replaced. 

UV Protection

The UV light from the sun is powerful and can cause wear and damage to many types of materials over time. A UV-reflective roof coating helps prevent fading, cracks, and other damage to the roof material that often occurs. Roof coatings can also protect from damage, leaks, and mold by sealing the roof so water can’t get in.

Cooling Properties

Additionally, a UV-reflective roof coating minimizes or eliminates the home from absorbing unwanted heat. Sunlight bounces off the rooftop rather than being absorbed into the house, making it heat up. This limited absorption makes it easier to control the temperature inside the home.

Energy Savings

The ability of the coating to bounce the sunlight back and not absorb it helps save on energy usage and costs. It keeps unwanted heat out, lowering the energy bills because you’re not having to turn the AC on as high or as often.

Roof Coating Benefits: Lifespan extension, cooling properties, visual appeal, uv protection, energy savings, eco-friendly.

Visual Appeal

Sun, wind, rain, hail, and other weather elements can age a roof, damaging its integrity and appearance. A roof coating helps keep visual appeal for more extended periods. Roof color that usually fades with the sun, wind, and rain will not be lost as quickly with an extra layer of defense. 


All of these benefits of roof coatings also play a role in becoming more environmentally friendly. The lower usage of the AC unit means less spent energy. The extended lifespan of the rooftop implies that the raw material used for the roof will last longer without needing to be replaced prematurely. All this saving helps your wallet but also aids the environment. 

What Roof Coating Options Are There?

Multiple roof coatings are available with different chemical makeups, specific functions, and price points. They include acrylic, silicone, asphalt, and rubber options. 


Acrylic roof coatings are the most common type of coating used. Acrylic coats have excellent reflectivity and resistance to UV light, making them a great choice for homes in sunny states. Plus, acrylic coatings offer natural flexibility, affordability, and workability.


Silicone roof coatings are highly elastic and offer excellent protection from moisture and UV rays, providing resistance to any weather condition. This coating comes in many colors, adheres well to the existing roof surface, and stays in good condition without becoming brittle. The downside to silicone is that it can dirty quickly, lose reflectivity over time, and tends to be pricier to install. 


Asphalt roof coatings are highly impact resistant and have a long lifespan. While durable and moisture locking, they do not have the best UV resistance. However, they are good options for places with snow and roofs with lots of foot traffic. 

Asphalt roof coatings are highly impact resistant and have a long lifespan.


Rubber roof coatings are highly elastic and contain waterproofing and weatherproofing characteristics. This coating acts as a powerful defense against sunlight and water. They are easy to apply and great for repairing leaks and cracks within the roof. 

Layer up with Legacy Repair

Roof coating, re-coating, and repairing are simple, but you should check off some boxes to get the most usage and benefit.

A professional can help you choose the best roof coating for your home and region. Prep must occur before coating the rooftop, which consists of inspecting the roof for flaws or damage. Be sure to fix any damage before installing the surface coating. 

Pressure wash the roof and ensure no residue remains. If the coating calls for it, apply primer and then begin layering the coating. Don’t forget to let each coat dry before applying another.

Legacy Repair has a team of trusted individuals who can help with all your roofing needs. If you are considering applying a roof coating to your home or require roof repairs, reach out today at 623-303-0537 to discover the best and most affordable options.


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